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T-Shirt Transfer Experts

  • Only 20 transfer minimum order on any sheet size.
  • Gang as many designs as you can to fit onto a sheet
  • Ideal for start up's
plastisol transfers


Plastisol Fabric T-shirt transfers have been around for many years and have developed into a HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE, COST EFFECTIVE and ADAPTABLE method of decorating many different fabrics.

No need to commit to printed garments you may not be able to sell, minimise your outlay and maximise your profits.


HIGH QUALITY -Plastisol Transfer prints can be printed onto any colour with good opacity and superb resolution, no matter how many colours are used in the design or what type of garment is used.

DURABLE - When applied correctly Plastisol transfers are at least as permanent as direct prints and frequently out perform direct prints in this aspect.

HIGHLY PROFITABLE - Using transfers prevents the need to commit to large quantities of printed garments for stock thus aiding cash flow and avoiding unsold garment stocks. As they can be applied simply and quickly you can meet urgent orders in house and not rely on outside suppliers when speed is paramount.

ADAPTABLE - Heat transfer systems are available for the decoration of light or dark coloured fabrics of most types with the possibility of adding surface textures from raised or puffed effects to high gloss.


Over many years as a textile transfer printer we have successfully produced T-shirt transfers,  workwear transfers, schoolwear transfers, leisurewear transfers, sportswear transfers, as well as special transfers for hats, shoe linings, ties, badges, umbrellas, flags, wet suits, dry suits, and bags of all types plus numerous other items, in fact if you want to decorate a fabric we probably have a transfer system that will work for you.


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